About Us

Agradaya is a social enterprise that develops village resources through food and agriculture by collaborations with small-holder farmers and applying sustainable farming practices.

[Pict: Agriculture Challenges in Indonesia]

We believe that farmer prosperity will achieve through optimizing our natural resource. We create collaborative works with farmers to optimize the skill in maintaining their land with a natural way to reach the optimum yield harvest, then produce good quality product. It’s collaborative works towards sustainability in agriculture.

Through Spices of Menoreh Hills, we encourage and train farmers to apply natural farming. This is very important to ensure sustainability. Applying land management to optimize crops. for the post-harvest process, solar dryer houses are applied to give added value or product.  Good quality of product with fair trade price will as a result of this process. Buying fair trade price to farmers create more impact on their welfare and sustainability.

Then, through Desa Kombucha we working and living together with a women group farmer community, we’re having fun brewing out Kombucha. It’s a fermented probiotic drink made from tisane, vegetable and or fruit.