Spices of Menoreh Hills


[Pict. Spices Group Farmer Statistic]

We focused on natural spices products works with local farmers who locate in Menoreh hills, Yogyakarta. We have been working with more than 150 members of farmers to focus ginger, indigenous java turmeric, turmeric for further production as an essential oil, herbal drink, extract powder.

This is the solution of organic- natural spices market demand. In general, our products would cover 2 types of functions or benefits: food & beverages, Pharmaceutical, for example: medicinal purposed drinks, aromatherapy, seasoning and skin care.

There are several issues in our group of farmer: farmer’s welfare, excessive chemical fertilizer usage, long supply chain and lacks of appropriate technology in post-harvest.

The effort in increasing farmers welfare has been developed: giving added value to the product through natural farming and process, cutting the long supply chain by direct fair trade, installing centralize solar dryer house for post-harvest crops.

[Pict. Creating Sustainable Spices Production]

Ginger, Indigenous Java Tumeric, and turmeric called as biopharmaceuticals plants. it grows well in shading area or without too much sunlight exposure. Our farmers growing these plants in between of wood trees (timber) such as teak, pines, etc without chemical (natural farming). this innovation developed to increase more welfare for farmers. So, besides harvest the timber they can get extra income from growing biopharmaceutical plants annually.

Encourage and train farmers to apply natural farming. This is very important to ensure sustainability. Applying land management to optimize crops. for post harvest process, solar dryer houses is applied to give added value or product.  Good quality of product with fair trade price will as a result of this process. Buying fair trade price to farmers create more impact on their welfare and sustainability.

We have 4 focuses in natural farming: People, Planet, Process, and Product which means people who produce their own fertilizer using waste material or organic compostable material. So, it reduces their production cost. It also saves the environment, doesn’t create any harmful effects. Utilizing appropriate technology such as solar dryer house in drying process gives more added value to the process and products. It gives good quality of organic spices in taste, flavor, and benefit.

[Pict. The Impact]